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S802 3-Axis Gimbal Drone 4K Professional Anti-shake HD Camera Brush less Motor GPS 5G WiFi FPV Drone transmission

سعر عادي
1,999.00 USD
سعر البيع
1,999.00 USD
سعر عادي
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  • بائع Chibifox
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Item No. S802 3-Axis Gimbal
Product Description Folding Aircraft
Product color black, gray
Packing Quantity 12
Carton size 69.5*32*35.5cm
Aircraft specification 31*30*9*17CM
Packing Specifications Storage Box
Storage bag packaging size No
Storage bag packaging weight None
5G-4K lens, old remote control, normal version, 495 yuan
5G 4K lens + PA new remote control 5G plus PA 535 yuan
Frequency GPS-1.57542GHZ\Glonass-1.602
Aircraft battery 7.4V2500MAH
Remote control battery 3.7V 600MAH built-in battery
Battery rate 20-25C
Flight time 22-25 minutes
Charging time 180 minutes
Ordinary remote control distance 800 meters -1000 meters
Ordinary remote control image transmission distance is about 500 meters
4K-5G+PA remote control distance 1000m-1200m
Image transmission distance 800m-1200m
Charging Mode Android Charging Cable
Accessories list Amount

Body battery 55
Wing set of four pieces 6
360-degree obstacle avoidance device 80
Front and bottom case 10
1504DL motor plus rub head motor seat 36